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UNESCO Jobs New York

UNESCO Jobs New York. The UN is a global organization with a dynamic and culturally diverse environment. 41,000 UN staff from 193 Member States come from diverse cultures and have rich and diverse backgrounds. Working in such an environment is a unique and interesting task, since it allows you to gain a more complete picture of the countries and cultures of the world, realize professional potential and contribute to the development of the world.

New York is the headquarters of the organization, that gives an opportunity for residents to join a large team. Cause the UN offers various variations of work, everyone will be able to find something that corresponded to him/her. Some jobs for workers not required to move to another part of the world, you can stay in your city and help the world implementing the goals and objectives. But to apply for a higher category position, you should be ready for moving. UN gives a great possibility to develop not only yourself but also the whole world. 

Which job positions in UNESCO require movement and which do not

UNESCO jobs New York position that requires movement

The UN mission is to unite peoples, help the suffering and fight for world peace. First of all, the UN is interested in people whose posts are in the Professional And Highest Categories. Such specialists are very valuable, which indicates not only the attitude towards them but also the salary. Such specialists should always be ready for a day that they will need to go on a business trip. This is an advantageous position because, in addition to work, a person can also experience the world.

The next category is specialists who are engaged in Field Services. They must be flexible concerning travel, have good health, and be able to quickly respond to changing situations.

UNESCO Jobs New York

Position that not require movement

For those who are not going to leave New York, there are several positions at the Local Level. Working conditions and salaries comply with the standards of leading companies. Such an option will allow you to help your hometown become better without leaving its borders.

Another category is National Professional Officers. A person who is a citizen of New York and meets the requirements of the company may fall into this position.

As you can see, anyone who wants to become part of a team can realize their dream by choosing the right position for themselves.

How to apply for UN job New York?

  1. Open the link and find the “Search Job Openings”.
  2. Set the necessary filters by qualification and select “New York” in the field for the duty station. Then click “Search.”
  3. Check vacancies (you can switch between categories at the top of the table).
  4. Go to and create a profile and a job application for the selected vacancy.
  5. Return to the vacancy and click “Apply.”

If your application is approved, you will be invited to an interview, where you should show your skills and knowledge for getting the desired position.

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