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UN Salary Scale

UN Salary Scale. The United Nations, as the name implies, should unite all the people of the world. This fully applies to employment, as it is available to citizens of all states that make up the organization. The main selection criterion is professionalism in the chosen field. This organization makes it possible to be realized at any level, while your initiative is far from the last factor. There are internal systems of tests, reporting on the results of the work done and a clear hierarchical system of subordination. Together, they provide a complete understanding of the capabilities of each employee. These tests will help you identify which rung you are on. After all, your skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience determine your salary level.

The main purpose of the UN Salary Scale is to motivate people to develop own skills and at the same time to develop the world using new knowledge. Becoming better, the person can analyze a certain situation and quickly find a solution to any task.

UN Salary Scale

How to orientate by UN Salary Scale

The UN is a deeply humane organization. Human rights are its essence. However, in terms of discipline, it can be compared with paramilitary structures. Here, each department is responsible for clearing their duties. For these subdivisions to work as one single mechanism, they are interconnected through categories. These categories are one of the factors that determine the level of salary. This category divided into: 

1. Professional and higher categories. This category includes 9 types of activities:

  • Economic and social development;
  • Information systems and communication technologies;
  • Internet security and security;
  • Law;
  • Management and administration;
  • Politics, peace and humanitarian assistance;
  • Public information and external relations;
  • Logistics and transport;
  • Science.

2. General services and related categories. This category includes 6 types of activities:

  • Print (TC);
  • Security (S);
  • Guides (PIA);
  • Secretarial, administrative and clerical activities (G);
  • Teachers of foreign languages (LT);
  • Maintenance of buildings and vehicles: drivers, electricians, etc. (TC).

 3. National Professionals. This category includes 7 types of activities:

  • Human rights;
  • Politics;
  • Medicine;
  • Child protection;
  • Humanitarian issues;
  • Interpreters;
  • Civil engineers.

4. Field Service. Field service staff provide administrative, material, and technical services.

What are the requirements for a UN worker

The following requirements apply to all applicants for positions:

  • Specialized higher education;
  • Fluent level of knowledge of English and French;
  • Analytic skills,
  • Knowledge of un regulations, rules, accounting, and budgetary policies;
  • Teamwork skills;

These requirements are great since each category requires its skills. Each category has its career ladder, and climbing it, a person will be able to increase his salary over and over again. The salary scale motivates in improving yourself and the whole world. Therefore, if you have a goal to move up to the salary scale, then you need to develop yourself and your skills accordingly. The United Nations is constantly looking for new staff. For this purpose, a special website has been opened where you can find the information you need. Citizens of all member states can get a job at the UN.

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